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May 23, 2015

  SEO Link building (link building) is a discipline for creating inbound links to obtain higher rankings. Ranking algorithms are now made up of thousands of signals, but backlinks are always a key element in evaluating the quality of a page.links-building-service


Google and the major search engines have embarked on a crusade against any attempt to manipulate rankings. All penalization filters implemented have disturbed many shops online for several years, helping to create a sense of panic and confusion regarding the relevance of backlinks in any SEO strategy.


Links returns are always a major part of the assignment strategy credibility of a site for Google. Indeed, for the search engine, the number and strength of the links pointing to a target is a trusted serious pledge. However, due to the multitude of backlinks acquisition techniques that have developed in recent years, search engines have penalized the directories networks, blog networks or submission of paid articles. Increasinglink-building-videoly, the links ‘natural’ are privileged, to gradually build the authority of a field and deeper pages. Any building backlinks and SEO follows recommendations from Google in that:

The links deployment is not done on a unique and identifiable segment
The link provides a useful amount of information for users
A social activity around these links certify their veracity
Performance indicators links themselves contribute to those in your sitelinking-building

How do we help? Linkkkk

We treat each market separately, and manually analyze the possible partnership opportunities in your niche to build contextual links.

Our unique tools target the best quality sites to offer useful content. Generally, we work this content together to enhance and adapt the knowledge potentially viral. Using a unique technology allows us to simulate a natural activity around these contents: creating and sharing blogs, creation and sharing of articles, local references, bookmarks, RSS, comments and more.

The origin of these links is geographically controllable to fit each market. The publication of this SEO link building service is delayed in time to avoid detection and ‘pattern’.

Finally, unique tools verify, validate and regularly monitor the quality of these links. A campaign is thus never isolated, and a link is always shared by real people in order to certify the authenticity.

We support:

Thematic directories
Local Directories
Platforms articles
Bookmark services
Web 2.0
Blog comments
RSS Submission
Video Promotion
Expression engines & Forums
Site Press Relealse
Micro blogs

Only partnerships, thematic directories and blog comments in forums and go through a manual process entirely. All other segments backlinks should be treated with priority in order to benefit every step of the creative process (create the article, bookmark the article, social sharing bookmark, mention Web 2.0 social sharing, etc …)

Backlink-Diversity-themed 300x265Annuaires: Due to the criminalization of criteria keys directories, it is important to manually select them according to contextual nearby, and the Page Rank of the site. We then use a semi-automatic submission software for maximum return on time dedicated to this part of your strategy.

Unique texts: In order to maintain the strength of a backlink from a 100% unique article, we change the form of the text according to various synonyms, while retaining the interest of the original message. This process is semi-automated.

Submitting articles:

We create several accounts to aim a better acceptance rate
The accounts and profiles are created for different locations
Log in automated administration of each site
Automatically filled fields as defined instructions (Description, body, keyword, references)
Article submission
Automatic resolution Captcha
Random submission defined contextual links
Automatic check for validating links

Of course, automating the process saves time, while retaining all the quality criteria and differentiation specific to a manual submission.

Creating bookmarks:

Social bookmarking has become an alternative to search engines since they are created and updates by real users, participating in the building of his comments and credibility online. Once the accounts are prepared, with the content and the URLs selected, the process can be fully automated.

Web 2.0 profiles

The blacklinks profiles consist simply attach a URL to a site profile or forum. The main advantage of these links is that most web2.0 website or forums allow do-follow links (transferring some of its Page Rank)



Our unique tools include many blogging platforms, we grossissons each month with the best new services. An effective strategy of building and transferring Page Rank is to generate relevant content on a network of distinct and personalized blogs. In the same way that a private user would do at home, we multiply the profits of an indirect promotion, and argued.

Many visitors will have the chance to find these blogs real, useful and rich in information, and even to participate.

Blog comments:

When properly prepared, in line with the topic of the page, blog comments are a great way of improving rankings and visibility and exposure in places where your future customers are. We choose the best sites to promote yours.

RSS Feed:

Each posted bond can be converted to Feed RSS, which may itself be subject to RSS feed aggregation sites. At each update, these sites take into consideration the new items, adding its link.

Engines & Forums Expression

With over 150 top websites Page-Rank, and the ability to add an infinite number of external sites, our software allows the submission of links in forums and expression engines’. Nowadays, these links are used to reinforce the backlinks to your site.

Video Promotion

The submission of promotional videos, or explanatory, is a high added-value strategy in terms of exposure, visibility, and SEO. Our software allows you to post a video the best video sharing sites such as Dailymotion, Youtube, Yahoo Spike, Vimeo – and more.

Press Release

We also take care of the press, over 20 new syndication platforms about many niches and markets. We are strengthening the authority of your brand, while enjoying this privileged source of organic transfer.

Satus Net Micro Blogs

These blogs use the StatusNet platform (an open source platform for microblogging. Our software can post links on those platforms, reinforcing the backlinks created. This source of backlinks is definitely one that allows indexing of the most fast.

Submission ‘meta-indexing’ offering the backlink creates hundreds of sites ‘whois’, informing crawlers on creating your links.
Inform search engines via the best websites PRC ‘Ping’ such as Google, Bing, Yahoo – new content is available for crawl.

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