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on-page-seoLink Building Package Bronze

The Bronze package is suitable for those who want to try our service without running much risk. This package can be used for up to seven keywords with high competition. The result will be quickly apparent. The goal is always as soon as possible in the top 10 of Google and then positions 5, 3, 2 and 1! This way you will receive faster and more website traffic targeted website visitors making the investment more quickly takes.

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Link Building Package Silver

The Silver package is suitable for websites and web shops that face higher competition where margins are also higher beam. The silver package gets you a higher discount than the bronze package and also the link variation better so you build a better and more natural link profile. With this package you can usually get higher for 12 important keywords in Google and compete for the top positions.

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Link Building Package Gold

The gold package is suitable for sites with high competition, margins and / or more important keywords should be high in Google. With this package you will benefit from the highest discount and the package contains more variation link allowing you to build a better link profile and from different sources get traffic and backlinks. This allows you to compete in Google for some 20 important keywords and their long tail.

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You’re at the right place to obtain long-term top performance in Google. Our backlink service will include SEO consultation and research on the optimal profile and link anchor text distribution. Only then can we guarantee that our work capture the full impact and the likelihood that you minimize a Google filter landed.

By monthly to work on your link profile, we ensure that your rankings are improved in a natural way and you get more targeted visitors to your website and if you generate more sales. In monthly on-page SEO consultation we see if we can improve a few simple adjustments your on-page SEO and conversion ratios. The aim is to ensure that visitors who arrive at your site are actually encouraged to make purchases and quickly find what they are looking for.

We provide backlinks to sites that we have in-house for the Dutch (.nl) and, recently, the German (.de) market. The ranking results can be found on our portfolio page.

link building expert backlinks Buying High Quality

We only left in places that are valued by the search engines and by playing a lot of link value to your website. You only pay for links from high quality and not for crappy automatically generated links that can be bought cheaply in bulk as the left profile, blog comment spam and post articles on blogs or article directories of low quality. These links will do your rankings more harm than good because they usually are quickly punished by Google so your site will end up lower in the rankings.

Risks are minimized!

All backlinks are hand created with unique written texts which contains valuable information for the reader. This ensures that the reader remains fascinated (“time on site” is an important quality factor) and the chances are greater that an article is shared on social media. Bounce rates are minimized by good internal linking structure and your article is published on a blog or category that fits your niche. Blog articles are published at least one year on the homepage so that you receive a valuable homepage links. If after a year the home more than 20 outbound link has will end your article in a natural way on the next page and thus permanently online. For best results each month the number of links extensively. Before we start linking is the optimal link profile specific for your main keyword. We determine the average anchor text ratio of the top competitors and try to go natural for you to put down a better link profile. Often it is with our strategy is possible to obtain with only a few carefully chosen links huge increases in the search results.

WARNING !!! Do not tempt yourself to purchase hundreds or thousands of links for a silly low price. These links will cause your site more harm than good. Surely you do not want your site to hang on page 5 and continues to rise no more because you have been banned because there are quick links to your site or created because bad links pointing to your website? Detecting and removing links with poor quality is a time consuming and costly task. It often happens that you can not speak to the webmaster or the webmaster simply makes no sense to want to deal with your request for link removal. We adhere as closely as possible to the guidelines of Google and the last algorithm updates giving you virtually no risk of a penalty. Risk can never be ruled out 100%, anyone who claims otherwise you should not trust because they do not know what they are doing. We all websites in-house so if you ever want something adapted than that is always possible.

“The services of Link Building Expert are focused on long-term outcomes, improve your Domain Authority, TrustRank and conversions!”

Please note that on Google?

There are numerous factors that determine the page and position your website appears in Google. Besides a search engine friendly website and texts look engines like Google primarily to the entries (links) to your website. Google attaches great importance to the number of relevant links to your site coming from Google esteemed and trusted websites. Important here are the number of referencing C-Class domains, in other words the number of backlinks that come from various websites and C-Class IP hosting accounts and data centers. Preferably, a large portion of the back links from websites that are hosted in target country but more importantly whether the language and domain name extension matches the site to which it links. Google also assessed by looking at your site if your site has a natural link profile and link growth shows an attrition. The variation in link species is also true, so a good division between article directories, video, social links and blog and forums left. Finally, the anchor text distribution is very important especially after the famous Google Penguin updates. A natural anchor text distribution now means that the link text must consist of both targeted keyword anchors if not targeted keyword anchors. At least 70% of your backlinks should not be focused on which keyword your want to score. And the non-targeted keyword anchors must frequently interspersed with varied link texts and variations of “naked urls” (clickable links such as “”).

Our SEO Link Building Strategy

With our well tested and proven SEO link building strategy, it is possible to get websites within days to weeks on certain keywords in the top positions of Google. The speed with which we can make websites rise depends on the competition on the targeted keywords, the potency of your own site and the backlinks we create. For best results, we will find out what your main keywords are and what we keywords can achieve the fastest results so your investment quickly pulls. Therefore, we will first perform a keyword research and analyze the backlink profiles of the competition to find out what the best backlink profile we will score in the search engines. We choose keywords from which relatively large monthly exact local (eg Dutch searches if we want to score high in searches per month and have relatively few competing pages with this keyword in the title of the page (the meta title tag is the main indicator which indicates that the website owner wants to score high on this keyword). If we look at the keywords we have determined which go left most value by playing to the competitors and we are going to try and get the same links that are fully exploited with good anchor text, link descriptions and picture material. In addition, we will use our own network and thus the competition give the check.

“When will you buy your a link building package from us you find that your findability, visitors and sales will increase significantly.”

We can create the links for you:

Active use of social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other major social media networks. Here we create for you a major business pages when you have not yet. And also we will use social media to promote your articles and website and “social proof” to give. This is very important post-Panda and Penguin.
Placement of qualitative references link to your website on: business directories, portals, blogs, Google maps, directories, etc.
Guest blogging and press release distribution service: We write for a quality product that we offer to blog owners. Note: The better the new value you can provide, the greater the chances of placement in a qualitative blog. The lower the new value, the lower the quality of the blog that accepts the article.
We post articles about your website in our network of over 250 websites.
Articles and press releases writing, rewriting, translation and distribution across channels such as news sites, article directories, blogs from our own network, social media sites, etc.
Link exchange contract with other websites. We create for you website and linking from that domain to your link partners as 2-way, 3-way and 4-way to the left. Through years of experience, we know exactly how it can best set up and what proportions give the best results. We also make use of the many websites of our own network and customers with which we can link to your link partners. An additional advantage is that there is not so much left (and only very relevant link) need to be on your site and your site does not “empty of blood.”
Blog creation and update regularly, build a blog posted on a sub directory of your domain and regularly updated with new content. This way we can target new keywords and generate additional traffic along here.
Set up a “satelite site” a unique keyword rich domain focused on your (niche) keywords. We place this domain to a different IP address than your current IP address and will give other Whois data. Thus, we achieve fast extra top position in the search engines on key niche keywords that your current site is not currently focussed on whether rankt. These visitors, we can then refer to the main website and we can also find valuable dofollow post links to other online properties.
Creating links to (mainly dofollow) social bookmarking sites.
Actively present in industry related forums to improve your brand awareness and gaining links and more targeted visitors.
Advising and placing paid link options. Pay attention! Not all paid links will make your website well. Let us advise you which links are good for your site. On the other hand, some paid backlinks to your site just do a lot of good as some business directories and paid directories.
Who Are The Link Building Experts?

Since 2011 we offer under Simple SEO and Target Vision Media to our specialized link building services. Over the years we have received a lot of websites in the top of Google with link build time. We work according to the strategies of the # 1 in link building Eric Ward. Medium and large BV’s can feel confident in our outsource link building.

Most of our customers decide at the end of the process to extend their backlink campaign. This has also to do with that link building the best monthly can be repeated in order to keep the continuity in it. Keep this in mind before you start with us. Regular customers enjoy extra services such as extra keyword research, spotting opportunities ranking occasional free bonus and conversion optimization tips. Our preference is for a partnership of at least 3 months. Not only because we have more time to get better analyzes and results but also because we invest a lot of time in the preliminary stages.

Would you like to outsource link building and top positions in Google?

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