How to become a certified Google Adwords experts (and Yoga)

September 20, 2015

Certified Google Adwords Expert…Certification Tests

Today we want tlearn how to become a Google Adwords expert and a guru with a passion for yoga  … ..
let’s begin at the end, you get a Google certificate. What exactly is this?

The Google Adwords Certification Program offers advertisers the opportunity to prove their knowledge of Adwords. I qualified as a Google Adwords expert specializing in search advertising by I passed two exams. Irrespective of the specialization, anyone who wants to qualify, first pass a basic examination. Only then can one of three expert examinations, either Search Advertising, Display Advertising or select Reporting. If you have passed the two tests, one gets a certificate and a public Google profile page that is hosted by Google.

What is the main objective of Adwords campaigns?

The main objective of Adwords campaigns is the Google users relevant ads to present to his term, ie to reach him in a moment, when he is already interested in buying. At this moment the attention is directed with ads on the product or service of the advertiser and a specific response to master pre-call. This reaction is called Conversion and they may be defined very differently depending on the goal of the campaign. Some companies want to increase only the traffic to their websites, while others start Adwords campaigns so that users register for their newsletter. Many online stores have set a goal to increase their sales rate with Google ads.


What was your initial out with Adwords?

I started with Adwords experts as my work for twago in Search Engine Marketing began. Before that I did know what Adwords ads are common and how they work, but it takes some time and a lot of practical experience, to really understand the functions and to see the small factors that make the difference between a successful campaign and a flop ,
Online marketing is a very dynamic market. What are the latest changes and you think what we can expect in the coming months?

The biggest change that will have a massive influence on Google Adwords expert advertisers this year is the introduction of the “Advanced Campaign”. Even the use is optional, but no later than mid-year, all campaigns converted to this model. Essentially, they allow the advertisers, users with different devices and different localization with customized ads, to reach etc. commandments. Google has also improved and supplemented the reporting options. So at first glance this appears to be a good change, but there will be some important options, such as the possibility of users with specific mobile devices specifically address, no longer exist. This means a great loss for advertisers who mainly specializes in smartphone and tablet advertising, because the click-rates are generally low with such devices. Critics claim that Google just wanted to find new ways to enhance the CPC (cost per click) …
What five points should you know when you’re working with Adwords?

  • It’s not about what you think, like or want, but about what the users like, think, want.
  • Never stop testing.
  • The competition never sleeps.
  • Decisions should be based on statistically relevant data.
  • Google is not a friend but a business partner.

You’re doing yoga. What can you learn from it to improve the success in online marketing?

I can only give you the same Google Adwords Expert advice that we read every self-help book: focus on goals, be flexible, listen (to listen to the customer) and do not forget to breathe!

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