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February 2, 2015

The best
Premium electronic stores under free or open licenses
The best e-commerce solutions

In recent months, we have returned to study in depth all existing e-commerce applications currently under free licenses and open source. After several screens, we selected six that, in our view, currently offer the best combination of quality, safety, stability, modularity and ease of upgrade.

selected applications
The best currently, in our opinion:

Prestashop: one of the best electronic stores exist today, although with limited capabilities CMS. Ideal for customers of small and midsize whose top priority is to sell online.
Magento: possibly the best PHP + MySQL implementation of existing ecommerce today. Unfortunately, the open source version has many important limitations compared to its two overpriced proprietary versions. In addition, several key modules of the open source version are also proprietary, pay and with very high prices. Prestashop If the present rate continues to improve and not change its policy and licensing business philosophy, not be long before forgetting to Magento.
Spree: undoubtedly, one of the best electronic stores existing Free Software today. Programmed in Ruby, his future is very promising, but for now, consume more resources than Prestashop and still lacks some important modules for Spanish and Latin American markets. We will have to wait a little longer and continue studying it closely …
Broadlef: despite its “youth” and the few studies conducted so far with this application, quality, size, scale and complexity of these arouse our admiration. By their costs, currently only profitable for electronic shops enormity and complexity, in which the levels of customization required by customers are really very high. Written in Java, uses Spring and Hibernate frameworks.
OFBiz: probably the most comprehensive business and e-commerce solution available today, including, among others and unified way, functionality of electronic commerce, CMS, CRM, ERP, SCM, MRP, CMMS / EAM, POS and other many more. He programmed in Java, is a Project of High Level Apache Foundation (absolute leader in web servers worldwide). The only downside to OFBiz is that, like many other large applications is complex to implement and consume vast resources, so far only is suitable for projects of a certain size and cost.
Plone: one of the best CMS currently in existence, although with limited capabilities sale online. Ideal for customers of any size needing to have a great portal to Internet sales is only a secondary or residual activity.
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Discarded Applications:
A short distance but outside our current selection, have been, for various reasons, OpenCart, Satchmo and Lightning Fast Shop (anyway, we will pay attention to them, but thinking more in the medium term).
Further and almost definitely discarded by our company have been osCommerce, osCMax, CRE Loaded, TomatoCart, ZenCart, ZenMagick, Pulse, Interchange, Soteshop, OXID eShop, Batavi, ApPHP, Ubercart, VirtueMart, JigoShop and so on.

Selection Criteria
In total, have been more than 100 criteria to be taken into account during analysis, comparison and selection.

Among them include:

Security: code quality, number of security holes published over the last three years, the percentage of patched holes and response time in the release of the patch, security policy and transparency of it, SSL support, etc.
Consumption of resources: web space, web traffic, CPU, RAM, etc.
Trust: dimension of teamwork, professionalism thereof model of organization and, where appropriate, business, etc.
Speed: loading time caching options and quality of the same, responding to advanced queries, etc.
Capacity: unlimited categories and products, unlimited pages, images, files, …, multi-shop capacity, CRM modules and / or ERP or connection with external applications of this type, etc.
Flexibility supported languages and currencies, modules and plugins available, easy custom development, manage permissions, users, roles and groups, user groups with different prices, etc.
Catalog: ability to import and export massively XLS, CSV, …; Wishlist or desired products; Automated export to Google Shopping, Twenga, Ciao, Kelkoo, Shopmania, Facebook, …; etc.
Articles: variants, attributes, comparison articles, systems review, evaluation and recommendation related items, recently viewed, downloaded, lots of items, multicategorización, management and visualization of stock, attachments, multiple images, automatic resizing them, zooms availability, etc.
Orders: ability to add notes and request gift wrapping, promo codes, discounts recommendation on social networks, management of taxes, subtotals and total ability to ensure order, registration and order on one page, orders for visitors and / or by registered customers, creating orders by the administrator, modification requested by the administrator, etc.
Payments: open (undefined), check, bank transfer, cash, Paypal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Authorize.net, Ogone, etc.
Shipping: open (undefined), different shipping and billing addresses, shipping status notifications, Unlimited carriers and destinations, store pickup, free shipping, flat rate, tariff according to the order amount, rate according to weight order, rate according shipping destination, UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.
Marketing: SEO utilities, connectors with social media, analytics and advanced reporting, etc.
CMS: folders, pages, news, events, files and files, images, links, collections, web syndication (RSS), portlets or blocks, managing workflows, automating actions, internal search engine, picture galleries, book views, graphical management aspect, 100% customizable appearance, internal and external videos, collages, carousels, forms management, management of code blocks, advanced calendars, antispam CAPTCHA, members directories, data bases added, discussion forums, integrated system of newsletters, etc.
Other utilities: automatic generation of site map, referral and affiliate programs, ad management, mailings to specific users, groups or all subscribed, etc.
Help available: documentation, forums, mailing lists, IRC channels, online communities, etc.
Españolización: Spanish version (both based applications, as key modules and plugins), quality of translations in Spanish existence of aid, existence of modules Checkout more used in Spain, etc.
Other: usability, navigability, accessibility and standardization, etc.