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Best SEO Service Small BusinessHow important is to have a strategy for local SEO for small businesses with a physical property? According to a recent study, 78% of local searches are performed by mobile, and 61% of local searches result in purchases laptops offline.

If you take a moment to consider the 7 billion monthly unique local searches performed on Google, just in the US, it’s a pretty decent conversion rate, no matter how the data is viewed.

So what is exactly what these people are looking for locally? Here is a breakdown of the main tasks performed by consumers in finding locally:

Search addresses / locations
Find a business with products and / or services desired
Search for a phone number
Find the hours of service
Get driving directions
Discover coupons / specials
Meet ratings and reviews
If any of these tasks can apply to your business, you should definitely pay attention to local SEO, and make sure your business is ready for the time when consumers are put into action. Previously I wrote a post about starting your local SEO strategy and the different components that you need to pay attention.

In this post, we will know what some consider to be the core of local SEO, through the creation, control and optimization double local dating through multiple channels of local businesses listed.

Let’s take a moment to breathe and get straight to the point.

Critical attributes of a local business directory

As a small business with a physical location, implementing practices of local SEO can be equal or in some more important than traditional SEO or broader approaches cases. For example, check out the picture below that highlights the results of a study that captured the eye-tracking data from multiple users, in order to determine how they relate to the listings of Google Places, through a Professional directory:

Now, let’s look at how an appointment is made, its importance and why it will be the core of your local SEO strategy.

According to local Best SEO Services For Small Business expert Craig McConnel, appointments constitute approximately 25% of the top twenty factors listed in the annual ranking factor local search (Local Search Ranking Factors). Additionally, during one of his presentations, showed the following visual breakdown of local ranking factors; previously warned that these results were based on his opinion only.

If you continue confused about local directories, as I mentioned in my previous post, an appointment is briefly mention the name of your business on other websites, followed by your address, phone number or both, regardless of whether there is a link to your website.

An example of a correct date can be in an online directory, such as the yellow pages, where your business is listed but not necessarily with a link.

Now another term you’ll hear often in association dating is the NAP acronym, meaning name, address and telephone number (in English, Name, Address and Phone). However, there are other key points to consider in which photographs, videos and perhaps most importantly, a correct classification are included.

Let’s look more deeply on the four main factors to consider when creating a list:

1. The name of your business

Known as the title of your business is undoubtedly one of the most important to position yourself well in the local search engines factors. The key here is that you must ensure that above all, the title is 100% consistent across all sources of unique data on the web, which will help build confidence in your existence and location.

For example, if you call yourself “The clothing store Anne” in a list and “Shop sportswear Anne” in another, there is a strong possibility that Google and other search engines consider, when indexing your business, they are two different and separate businesses.

For additional measures, we present the following provisions identified by Google Quality Guidelines for local businesses:

seo-servics-for-small-businessesThe title should reflect the actual name of your business
In addition to the actual name of your business, you may want to include a single description that helps your customers to locate and / or understand what it offers.
The label marketing, phone numbers, store codes or URLs do not count as valid description.
Examples of acceptable securities descriptions (in italics for his demonstration purposes) are “Starbucks center” or “Joe’s Pizzeria”. Examples that are not accepted are “Plumbing # 1 of Seattle,” “Joe, pizzeria with best delivery service” or “Joe Pizzeria in Dallas”
If it turns out you’re the owner of a business that you’re still looking name, maybe do a little keyword research can help you to choose the most optimized and better name.

2. Physical Address

The most important issue to remember is consistency NAP. Why this should matter in relation to your physical address? Let’s look at an example:

Another factor to consider is your actual physical location, such as Google factor in how close or far away it is your business really the center of the city. Hypothetically, let’s say you’re a chiropractor; If your office is close to what Google believes is the center of the city, you have more chances of appearing in searches with keywords such as “chiropractor in Denver,” compared with other offices of chiropractors located farther from the town centre.

3. Phone

The same note on the importance of consistency in the data applies in relation to telephone numbers, especially on the Internet. If search engines are several different phone numbers for the same company, it is more likely to appear red flags regarding the algorithms.

This also applies if you have the habit of using multiple phone numbers for the theme of “Call Trace”; SEO experts are against their use. If you’re already running a campaign, also suggest the creation of the number as image instead of HTML text that can be indexed.

4. Categorization

According to the resources provided by an investigation by Moz in 2013 on local SEO experts, the association of categories was the most important sign of relevance. What is the appropriate categorization why there to ask?

When you start to create a Local Listing in search engines for your business, you’ll have to choose October 2 categories that best describe your business, which search engines will use to provide related keywords used by the user results. Avoid or refrain from this categorization will have serious results in your ability to qualify for local keywords.

So, do you want to know more about optimizing category names? The SEO expert Chris Smith has a depth blog post looking for help to do well this step. Some of their recommendations include:

Do a keyword search to discover common names in the industry that people are using to find companies like yours.
Use Google Sets to find search terms that Google considers to be semi-automatically associated with category names may already have selected.
Do not just be present only in categories with brand name.
The next thing is to see exactly where you are creating this list and quotes from your business.

Where to find directories

Okay, so we’ve covered the topic of dating and why are the foundation or cornerstone of any effective local SEO campaign, it’s time to meet the exact place you should list a business for maximum impact. Here is a list of examples to get you started:

1. Local Search

Google Places
Bing Places
Yahoo Local

2. The big four (data aggregators)

Neustar Localeze

3. Social Networks and local blogs

Make sure you have your NAP linked to your social profiles. (Tip: use services such as KnowEm to put your name on the largest number of social networks and web services)
To find the best blogs in your region, go to Google and search for “[your city] blog” for the best candidates, as they appear at the top of the SERP, they will be well indexed by search engines.
4. Local Directories and newspapers

It seeks either “[your city] + business listings” or “[your city] + directory” to get results, and be sure to get a place at the site of the chamber of commerce in your city.
The best local directories for your business

To help you better understand what the best local directory for your business category and city, Local Moz was associated with whitespark (a search for directories) to reach an impressive number of resources that will help you hit the white. I recommend checking out:

1. By Category

2. To US

Options for managing your appointments

When it comes to the actual implementation of your local SEO campaign, you usually have three options:

Doing it yourself
Paying for software
Paying an SEO agency
Obviously when making a decision, you’ll have to take into account things like the size of small businesses and most importantly, your budget. We will talk more about these three options so you can make an informed decision:

Do it yourself

The best post I found on this subject was Casey Meraz, called “Finding and Building Citations Like an Agency”, located on the blog Moz. Not only does an excellent job with their recommendations I will mention later; also provides an excellent format building dating so you can get down to work and start your local SEO campaign.

The essence of this is that you follow a three-step process called Check, Fix, Add (checks, fixes and adds). Learn more about each:

Check if the list is present
I Fix it
add it.
Another trick is valid to mention is to use a tool called Roboform, with its resource called Form Filler that will help you to automatically fill out forms for each platform when you’re looking for a directory or build appointments. This will save you time.

Uses software to do it

Here we present the software options that we recommend using:

1. Moz Local

2. Yext

3. UBL

It is preferred Moz Local, but then I’ll show you a graph where all options put together, including you shall accomplish for yourself, and maybe you read this, you coincidas me.

Hire an agency or consultancy

Depending on your financial possibilities and how little or much you have done in relation to the management of your local Phoenix SEO company campaign management, can tell whether an agency or consultant SEO can be a viable option. Especially if the above options are too daunting or something you do not necessarily want to consider. To make you realize the cost of this option, I have included this infographic super practice done by people Moz in collaboration with aytm:


Build appointments for your physical location, regardless of the industry to which you belong, is a cornerstone of your local Phoenix SEO strategy that will help you to be in the eyes of your customers who are ready to buy. Whether they are researching your location from home or elsewhere, you can not afford to ignore the possibility of classifying good and much less fail to know the possibilities in power that local SEO can attract to your business. I hope hopefully this will help you start with the right foot.