13 Underexploited Sources of Backlinks

June 21, 2015

In this article I’ll present 13 link building services & resources totally under exploited intelligently to reference a site on keywords of your choice.

Among these tips to reference a website, you will discover:

  • why I do not use comments to blogs or directories for SEO and why you should do the same
  • 5 sources of good backlinks, easy to get, valued by Google, which you probably have never thought of.
  • The complete method to use to get your site SEO like a pro, even if you do not know much about SEO.
  • Stop being a sheep in terms of Google referencing


Most bloggers, website publishers and other start-ups do not understand SEO. They believe in the famous “pros secrets” and miracles that allow method to reference a site in 15 days.

I’ll be direct:

  1. There is no miracle method
  2. There are no secrets
  3. And you know what: blindly follow the advice of others will not make you successful.

That said, let’s go with my best sources of backlinks to reference a site and give it authority.

1. Use the podcast sites and audio file sharing
It is very easy to get good link building services from the audio file sharing sites but most SEOs and other bloggers never think.

These audio sites have good PageRank and a good authority. If you get backlinks from them, your website can gain some positions in search engines.

For links and quality dofollow (followed by the search engines) from these sites, simply create audio content. You can for example:

Save one of your articles in audio format
Transcribe an article in audio format
For the sites dedicated to music, record a brief piece by recording your voice in the process of:

  1. The list of audio file sharing sites that I recommend as a link building service is:
  2. reverbnation.com
  3. bandcamp.com
  4. yourlisten.com

Backlink audio file sharing

2. The technical names of expired domains
This technique for obtaining backlinks is well known to SEOs but ignored by most bloggers, website publishers or e-commerce sites.

One of Google SEO criteria is the age of your domain name. So, when you launch a new site, you have everything to gain by buying a domain name expired rather than buying a whole brand new domain without seniority.

When I run a site, I always prefer to take an hour to find an expired domain name to be redeemed.

To find these famous domain names I use tools like Open Site Explorer

expired domain name

I urge you to use this method to purchase expired domain names with seniority and popularity. You can recover some of the backlinks of NDD.

3. Supporting causes
Many associations, charities and other works are seeking online donations. Most sites of these organizations have a very good authority on Google.

Do one good deed and they will thank you with a nice backlink. Indeed, most of these organizations post a link to the sites that make their donations.

Type “donate” or similar words in Google to find this type of site. You can get a nice backlink PR6  and you will have done a good deed.

backlink donate

4. Create your own site network you master entirely
Create your own website or blog network is in my opinion the best way to get beautiful backlinks in your industry. And you master all the content process, anchors etc. Since I hate addiction, I love this system.

Moreover, most sites squatting all the good positions on Google using their own network.

To successfully create a site network or private blog, there are some rules to follow:

  • Vary accommodation (in case a site would fall)
  • Buying expired domains name
  • Vary the IP addresses
  • Na not too binding sites together
  • Vary the CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal etc)
  • Varying designs. For WordPress, do not always use the same theme
  • If you want to know more the private network creation site, please contact me by email.

seo site network

5. Write testimonials
It is quite a beast technique but the giving of testimony regularly bring you beautiful backlinks. Just ask the person who needs you to link to your site with the anchor of your choice.

And it allows you to test more full of products for free!

You can get testimonials on very large sites. Do it as soon as you can!

  • When prompted course
  • When you have purchased a product
  • When you have attended a training
  • When you pay a provider
  • Companies of all sizes need to witnesses so that’s good!

Marketing testimony

6. Getting backlinks .edu
.edu Links are among the best. They have the confidence of Google and have a very good popularity.

For this type of link must be avoided to have a profit site. It is therefore rather highlight your blog. Universities like to make links to resources sites. The best way to do for you is to create reference articles.

  1. Example of articles and sites that work:
  2. A free video tutorial site in a specific field
  3. A wiki
  4. A forum
  5. Type of articles “resources”

If, for example, you are SEO consultant and you have strong resources such as articles, tutorials or software, you can contact universities that offer degrees in SEO. Do not expect miracles but say that in 10 universities contacted, one can make you a link.

To identify these universities, enter the following expressions on Google:

website: .edu “your keyword”

7. sites coming soon
These sites are seldom used in France. These are sites where you register your site to announce a launch. You get your own page with a nice backlink building service.

The most famous site in this area is betalist.com.


8. The startup of submission sites
There are sites that allow you pile present your startup, usually to find investors. Even if you do not look, do not hesitate to create a profile on these sites. They have a good authority and will make you beautiful links.

Here are some sites to use.
Teamizy.com (I am co-founder)
Get Backlinks

9. Technique to find expired domain names yourself
I mentioned the site to find Adopteundomaine.com expired NDD. But there are other methods.

The first method is to use web browser extensions like DarkDomainer. This type of tool will scour the web in search of directories to find sites whose domain names have expired. You only have to buy them back.

The second technique is to do the same thing using the Scrapebox software. You will give him a series of keywords or sites to go and he can lift your list of expired NDD.

find backlink with ScrapeBox

10. Use aggregators blogs
Blog aggregators have a very good popularity and will send you good links. They are used less than before but still work very well.

Listing your site will take you a few minutes. Aggregations sites of larger blogs are technorati.com and Blogorama.

You can also type “rss aggregator” in Google to find many such sites. In Europe you can also submit your site to rank Ebuzzing blogs.

11. use content aggregators
You should definitely know Scoopit. You see it everywhere, especially on social networks.

This site allows everyone to group the items he likes in one place. Good backlinks perspective especially as the content is very viral.

To use it you simply identify pages with a good pagerank and submit an article (an article to you).

seo content aggregation

When you find the pages, contact the “owner” and offer to your content. In general, people are friendly and the return rates are very good.

12. Invest in graphics
I do not like the graphics in terms of value added, I never read them. But they are shared by very large and blogs apportents superb backlinks.

It will cost you between 200 and 1000 € to create a good graphics but it is worth it. Not only will you get hundreds of social sharing, but more, you will get dozens of very good backlinks from highly popular websites.

The trick is to generate embed code below to your graphics that bloggers and site publishers can easily copy and paste this code on their sites. So they can publish you in minutes.

You can find graphic designers on sites like codeur.com, guru.com, elance, Odesk etc.

Or you can create your own graphics via the computer graphics generator sites like visual.ly.

Finally it will submit on dedicated graphics directories. You can use the search “infographics” and / or add the word “directory” or “directories” on Google to find. The best is that of Visual.ly.

13. Use Google more
Few people think but you can make links to a site or an article of choice for the biography of your Google profile more.

Just write a sentence and insert a link on the keyword of your choice.

You now know how to get backlinks to reference a site. Be steady, vary your link sources and it will do it alone. Do not be looking for miracles methods. I advise you to spend 30 minutes per day on getting backlinks, apart from the creation of content and your community management.